Here are some examples of material samples produced during the project period. 
Photographer: Anna Sundström

Value chain hat

An example of an industrial value chain for wool from Gotland sheep that was tested during the project: Raw wool, scoured wool (collected and scoured by Ullkontoret on Gotland), thin single-ply yarn Nm 5 spun by Wagenfelder in Germany, and a hat knitted by Mariedal Design AB in Alingsås.

Waste wool

The project has tested making manure pellets with inferior quality wool that has been hydrolysed. In the picture raw wool at the top left and below it a piece of dried hydrolysed wool. The wool becomes liquid when it is heated under pressure in the hydrolysis. At the top right some bark, in the middle bark mixed with hydrolysed wool, and at the bottom pellets consisting of hydrolysed wool mixed with sawdust.


All yarns produced during the project. From left to right 1) single-ply Nm 0.35, 2) two-ply Nm 10/2, 3) single-ply Nm 5, 4) two-ply Nm 6.5 / 2, 5) three-ply Nm 10/3, 6) single-ply Nm 10. Yarns 1 and 3 were spun by Wagenfelder in Germany, nos. 2, 5 and 6 were spun by The Natural Fiber Company in England and no. 4 by Stenkyrka Ullspinneri on Gotland. Yarns 1 and 3 are 100% ewes wool, the rest 100% lambswool. 

Handmade samples

Handmade samples in the thick, single-ply yarn (Nm 0.35) spun by Wagenfelder. From the upper left corner and clockwise: crocheted seat cushion by Eva Jonason, pattern knitted sample by Eva Jonason, needle-bound samples by Agneta Holmgren, crocheted seat cushion by Ann-Charlotte Malm, knitted sample by Eva Jonason and crocheted sample by Kimberly Myr.

Industrial knitted samples

Industrial knitted samples in the thin, single-ply yarn (Nm 5) spun by Wagenfelder. On the left sleeve and hat knitted by Ivanhoe, above on the right three test pieces from Gotlands Strumpfabrik (knitted together with their own yarns) and on the bottom right hat knitted by Sätila. 

Industrial woven samples

Industrial woven samples of the two yarns spun by Wagenfelder. To the left, four furnishing fabrics woven by Ludvig Svensson with the thin yarn in weft on a black wool warp. In the middle carpet woven by Kasthall in the thick yarn. To the right, a furnishing fabric woven from Borgstena in 100% Gotland wool where the thin yarn has been twisted and used as weft.


Carpet in goose-eye twill hand-woven at Vävmakeriet with the thick yarn from Wagenfelder as a double weft in unbleached linen warp.


Hat and scarf industrially knitted by Mariedal Design AB in Alingsås. 

Hand-knitted objects

Hand-knitted objects in the thick Wagenfelder yarn. Large shawl knitted by Astri Sorby. Lovikka-type gloves knitted, felted and rugged by Gunilla Östbom.


Lovikka-type gloves, hand knitted, felted och rugged by Gunilla Östbom. Knitted in the thick Wagenfelder yarn.

Woven schal

Hand woven schal by Åsa Martinsson in the thin Wagenfelder yarn.